Home Confinement Package 坐月配套
Gender Health
MEMBER PRICE$ 1,388.00
MARKET PRICE$ 1,778.00
What's IncludedHome Confinement Package 坐月配套
1Confinement Beauty Soup 坐月养颜汤
1Blood Activating Qi Tonifying Soup 益气活血汤
1Nerve Calming Soup 宁神益智汤
1Ten Essence Tonifying Soup 十全大补汤
1Shu Di Blood Regenerating Soup 熟地补血汤
1Wind and Dampness Removing Soup 祛风化湿汤
1Postpartum Care Reinforcing Vitality Soup 固本培元汤
1Dan Sheng Yin Nourishing Soup 党参滋阴汤
1Shou Wu Yang Sheng Soup 首乌养生汤
1Du Zhong Yin Nourishing Soup 杜仲滋阴汤
1Mind Refreshing Soup 提神汤
1Chen Pi Mind Calming Soup 陈皮安神汤
1Confinement Body Relaxing Anti Fatigue Soup 坐月活絡汤
1Qi Nourishing Soup 參芪补气汤
1Yin Nourishing and Strengthening Soup 滋阴强补汤
1Body Strengthening Soup 强身元氣汤
4L13 Spine Care For Ladies 脊椎调理 (女)
1Tendon Strengthening Confinement Soup 坐月強筋汤
1Waist & Kidney Tonifying Soup 固腰补肾汤
1Bei Qi Blood Generating Soup 北芪造血汤
1Blood Nourishing Kidney Tonifying Soup 养血补肾汤
1Tiao Jin Soup 调经汤
1Tian Qi Huo Xue Soup 田七活血汤
1Yin Nourishing Soup 滋阴汤
1Yang Wei Soup 养胃汤
1Wind Dispelling and Nourish Blood Soup 补血祛风汤
1Dang Gui Blood Regenerating Soup 当归造血汤
1Yang Xue Bu Xin Soup 养血补心汤
1Sheng Hua Confinement Soup 生化散瘀汤
3Su He Wan - Postnatal Care 苏合丸
2WCRE - Gastrointestinal Care 产后调理丸
4L14 Mammary Care For Ladies 通乳腺调理 (女)
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